Cancellations made easy

Businesses use GoCancel to empower their current and potential customers and provide them with the easiest way to cancel contracts. Our expertise and legal know-how guarantee the cancellations.




Our API enables one-click contract cancellations, in-app or anywhere you like. We handle the complete cancellation process and we guarantee users the desired result; ending their subscriptions. 


Retail & Fintech


The last 10 years the average number of subscriptions increased from 7 to 17. The more popular the subscription model becomes, the higher the need for an easy way out.

Retail banking and Fintech apps are ideal for identifying subscriptions. Connecting to our platform enables you to identify and cancel possible subscriptions with a single click – exactly what consumers are looking for.


Switching Service


Are you offering your new customers an easy way out of their old contract? If not, you should. Make the switch for your potential customers as hassle free as possible.

If you already offer a cancellation service, it is still worth your time to look into our solution. With the best possible user experience as well as guaranteed cancellations, your new customer immediately knows that switching was a good choice.


We are pioneers in online cancellations. Since 2011, we have cancelled over 3 million contracts and we are up for much more!. 


Our team is unique in many ways. With 7 different nationalities and representation in 8 European countries, we strive to expand to 15 countries by the end of 2022. 


Not only do we cancel subscriptions, but we also highly value customer support. With a 9.2 out of 10 review score, we think our users agree. But we are not satisfied yet.  

Our motto: “Power to the Consumer!”.  


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