Value for comparison websites businesses

Turn knowledge into action

Give your customers the power to cancel subscriptions on your site.

Keep your customers coming back

Offer your customers an effortless way to switch subscriptions.

Our customers

users rate our service 9.2 out of 10, even after paying between €4 and €10.

How does GoCancel drive annual profits?

Comparison websites assume more customers equals more growth.

But here’s the thing…

If you don’t solve your churn rate problem, how much have you really grown? 

You need to quash your churn rate, or you’ll lose customers to competitors

You need a smart feature that keeps customers coming back

GoCancel is the solution to outshine the competition

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Here’s how:

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On your side, it just takes a few steps:

With GoCancel, you build long-term customer loyalty

What our customers say

GoCancel’s solution immediately improved our customer switch rate and led to long-term customer retention. We already provided the best deals for our customers, but now the complexity of the contract cancellation process is gone.  

With GoCancel, our customers can now do it in one-click on our website. This feature has been excellent in terms of building customer loyalty–it’s exactly what they wanted.

GoCancel’s solution was a breeze to integrate, and has been the single element that has turned the needle for our company and reduced our churn rate.

With GoCancel, there’s no comparison

You showed your customer the best deal in town, let them switch-and-save in one-click.

Free service for loyal customers

Offer loyal customers one-click cancellation for free.

Entice new customers

Give unsubscribed customers the option to cancel subscriptions for a fee.

Grow your user base

Take care of long-term customers and attract new users with a feature that separates you from the competition.

Get started

Four steps to integrate GoCancel’s API

Receive access & documents for API configuration

API integration set up tailored to your business needs

Run test scenarios and learn how our service operates

Execute – start cancelling competing subscriptions

Business approach

Off-the-rack package with bespoke features

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