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The accelerator for subscription business growth

Expand your loyal user base by converting window shoppers into happy customers.

Targets and benefits

For all subscription businesses

Increase your recurring revenue with our subscription cancellation solution.

We offer a paradigm shifting service to meet your business growth goals – whether you are out to win more customers, or offer new features that generate loyalty for your budget savvy consumers.

How does GoCancel actually boost growth?

Most subscription businesses assume more customers equals more growth. 

But the final mile when new customers switch from their old provider to you is risky and may not go as planned…

GoCancel’s secures the win of new customers. Here’s how:

On your side, it just takes a few steps:

This is how GoCancel erases competitors and boosts growth.

users rate our service 9.2 out of 10, even after paying between €4 and €10.

Remove the last hurdle

One-click cancellation makes for in-the-moment sign up.

Sign up

Increase conversions by giving customers an easy way out of their previous contracts.


Continue to develop your best service for customers – we'll handle the cancellations.


Provide customers the support they need, with 100% cancellation guaranteed.

Get started

Four steps to integrate GoCancel’s API

Receive access & documents for API configuration

API integration set up tailored to your business needs

Run test scenarios and learn how our service operates

Execute – start cancelling competing subscriptions

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Off-the-rack package with bespoke features

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