Value for personal financing apps

Fast track your customers’ financial goals

Empower customers to identify and cancel subscriptions in one-click

Make personal budgeting a breeze

Transform financial data into customer savings

Entice new customers with a smart solution

Designed for the booming subscription economy

Our customers

users rate our service 9.2 out of 10, even after paying between €4 and €10.

How does GoCancel cut the customer churn rate?

Most personal finance apps are focussed on providing customers a detailed overview of their expenses.

But here’s the problem…

Customers experiencing financial stress want immediate help to take action on their finances. You don’t want them to leave your app, and become trapped in the maze of subscription cancellation.

That’s why we developed our in-app one-click cancellation button, that’s confirmed in a minute.

GoCancel and personal financing apps go hand in hand

On your side, it just takes a few steps

GoCancel offers a quick exit, and that’s what makes loyal customers

How do you outpace the competition?

Our smart innovation is quick to integrate and cheaper than in-house solutions, keeping you in the lead.

A new service for smart FinTechs

You provide the financial overview, we provide the money saving technology.

Cheaper than in-house solutions

Our expertise offers a hassle-free solution tailored to your business needs.

Support tailored to your needs

API integration support determined by you. Pay for what you need.

Outshine your competition

We designed our solution for FinTechs serving budget savvy customers.

Get started

Four steps to integrate GoCancel’s API

Receive access & documents for API configuration

API integration set up tailored to your business needs

Run test scenarios and learn how our service operates

Execute – start cancelling competing subscriptions

Business approach

Off-the-rack package with bespoke features

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