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Whether you are an established bank, a growing FinTech, or local gym, our bespoke solutions and tailored support will fast-track your ambition.

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Fast and flexible integration

We offer two integration options that cover everything from
high-volume businesses down to scaling start-ups.

In-app and website cancellation

API connection

Designed for our high-volume customers such as banks and financial service providers who want to offer customers a service that outshines their competition.

Trial product


Our trim solution allows rapid integration for businesses that need an immediate solution to improve their customer conversion rate.

Key features

Build a digital self-service feature to cancel subscriptions with just a few clicks

Track and trace

Give your customers peace-of-mind with track-and-trace cancellation. Provide customers real-time progress and email notifications on cancellation letter delivery.

Fully customisable cancellation page

With API integration, you can customise the page to your exact branding guidelines.

Customer dashboard

We offer complete oversight of customer cancellations so you can provide informed customer support and discover trends that boost business performance.

Customer support made for you

We know that no one likes their hands to be held when they don’t need it. Our customers determine whether support is hands-on, or hands-off.

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Integrate our API and start working 
with us.

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Your platform (app or a website) and start cancelling your users’ subscriptions.


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